走,去撒欢!Come! Let's have fun!


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9月30日下午 天气多云


How are we going to celebrate the National Day?

Hmmm... that's a quesiton!

What kind of magic tricks are we going to do this time?

September 30, cloudy

In the afternoon, shuttle people appeared in the small courtyard gradually, small tents sprang up on the ground of the empty tennis court, and colorful picnic blankets spread all over the ground, as if a field of flower was blooming.




What is this all about?

It turns out to be our special celebration for National Day: The Afternoon Camping Party! We picnicked together in the outdoors and had afternoon tea, how nice!

After a while, a group of small diners shaking their heads out, the venue suddenly became lively.


At then, the most exquisite and delicious afternoon tea has appeared: delicate flower-shaped purple potato yam cake, aromatic fried beef dumplings, warm and sweet sugar snow pear water chestnut drink, fresh and sweet wolfberry apple hawthorn tea, served in the azure glaze porcelain dishes and floral patterned food box, which made these delicious food more alive and fragrant.

/ 国庆节 /

National Day



What are you waiting for? Dine in!

The same food as a usual afternoon tea, but because of a change of space and the serving utensils, it suddendly became different, it felt new and tasted more delicious! Each child swept up all the food and shouted for more.


The beauty that can be seen everywhere and the pleasure that the food brings, are gifts for the children hidden in the hearts of the teachers and chefs. To the children, it was a valuable and vivid aesthetic experience.


For children, as long as there is a tent, everything would become mysterious. Look! Even if they do nothing, as long as the children are in a tent, they will be full of joy. In this small space, they are alwyas busy creating their own imagnary world, and have great fun with their friends.



Huh? Where did these picture book come from? Why did we have a library here?

These books are actually more than what you see. It is a book fair held for us by Giant and Potato Children's Bookstore from Poly-Sunny Walk Mall. This is also the very first book fair held on our tennis court that brings our court a bookish scent.


The children enjoyed and read the books intently, there are books about the four seasons of plants, the life of a seed, the vegetable kingdom, a big garden, nature stories and cute animals ......


The best thing is, these picture books are closely related to our "Seeds" project in K3, so the children get to explore more about seeds through these books!




How to celerate the National Day?

Just have a camping picnic in your own yard.

Isn't that a great idea!