Foreign Staff Needed



1. Qualified with certificate of TEFL/TESOL/TESL.

2. Native or native-like level of English language competence.

3. Bachelor degree or above; degree in education preferred.

4. Provide the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.

5. Provide a reference letter from your last working place, stating your working attitude and ability.

Candidates are more likely to be employed if you:

6. Have more than 3 years of kindergarten teaching experience.

7. Possess good characters. Love and have patience on children. Have passion for teaching.

8. Are fond of traditional Chinese culture.

9. Are able to communicate in basic Chinese.

Foreign staff's responsibilities include not only English language teaching but also:

1. Designing and carrying out daily lesson plans and weekly plans in accordance with children’s developmental level and needs; arranging children’s daily routine scientifically.

2. Creating favorable educational environment for children; organizing teaching content and providing a wide range of toys, games and activities.

3. Following kindergarten’s regulations on safety and hygiene strictly; Helping with children’s daily life.

4. Keeping regular contact with parents, knowing children’s family educational environment. Discussing and cooperating with parents to design and conduct the most suitable teaching methods for their child.

5. Attending research activities concerning career training and child care.

6. Summarizing and evaluating teaching outcomes regularly; receiving guidance and examining from the principal.

Foreign staff enjoy welfare includes Christmas holiday, winter/summer holiday and other benefits.To contact us, please send your CV and a reference letter to: You might be the one we are looking for!